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Andrew Jackson
By Robert V Remini, Read by Tom Parker, Full Length - New
Audio Book - available in MP3 on CD
Full Length , NEW
Title ID: Y4034
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"Professor Remini, already a recognized authority on the Jackson period, has written the best biography of Andrew Jackson available. It summarizes adequately the best of the old scholarship while at the same time branching off to offer significant new interpretations of crucial points."-Library JOURNAL

"In this concise and well-written biography, Robert V. Remini has a more ambitious objective than merely recounting the life of a famous man.... He portrays the President not as a symbol of the age nor a personification of proletarian striving, but as a shrewd and able politician, a pioneer in using the office of the Presidency for both national and narrowly partisan purposes.... His account is persuasive and well documented." -Political SCIENCE QUARTERLY 


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